About us

The GOAL at www.balkanpokertour.com is to provide a friendly environment, conducive to learning the fundamentals of the game. The fact that this is NON GAMBLING site it is hard to make costly mistake. However, we want to help you become as knowledgeable and comfortable as possible in both brick-and-mortar cardrooms or any other place where this game is played: online or casino.

BalkanPokerTour.com is a fun, safe place to play no cost poker with people from around the world. We realize there are plenty of places you can play poker over the Internet, but BalkanPokerTour.com is the only one where you’ll be treated like the poker star you are! We’ve put together a dedicated and professional service team, and the best software with the most features to keep you playing at our site.
All of the games on BalkanPokerTour.com are for no cash value 'play money' chips. There is absolutely no charge to participate in the games. This provides an ideal environment for you to learn a new game or practice playing a familiar one.
If you have any questions about BalkanPokerTour.com that aren't answered elsewhere on the website, please send an e-mail message info@balkanpokertour.com 
Download your free BalkanPokerTour client and check out the action on Balkan Poker Tour. 

From the whole Balkan Poker Tour team, good luck, and enjoy the games!